Sharing the Goodness of Goat Milk

Tailspring was created from a love of goat milk and a special place in our hearts for the goats that give us such nourishing dairy products. Not only did we drink goat milk for delicious taste and our own health, but we would also indulge our pets in this nutritious treat. We recognized there was a large and growing pet community who knew and also believed in the goodness of goat milk. Tailspring strategically partnered with expert pet nutritionists and sourced the best quality goat milk we could find from the U.S.A. and Netherlands - with the intention of bringing a full line of goat milk products to pets. We work with family-owned goat dairy farms located in sunny Central California and occasionally goat dairy farms in the Netherlands, to produce high-quality, pure, natural goat milk. The Netherlands are known for their large farm lands where the goats can browse as well as delicious, mild-tasting milk.

After years of research, Tailspring introduced its first product in early 2021 - milk replacers for puppies and kittens. The start of life can be tricky and we discovered competitors had ingredient lists of 30+ items, many of which weren’t clean ingredients. Tailspring crafted nourishing milk replacers, based on goat milk, with the essential added nutrients, vitamins and amino acids to closely match mother dog or cat milk. 

Knowing that pets enjoy goat milk throughout their life, Tailspring recently launched mouthwatering meal toppers that dogs and cats can’t get enough of. Offered in a few varieties, these are sure to have your pet finishing their bowl at meal time. For older pets, it can even be made into a liquid snack for extra hydration. We also released Tailspring Functional Chews (supplements) for dogs. Made with goat milk as the #1 inactive ingredient to help ensure your dog will gobble it up and receive the support they need.

Tailspring continues to innovate with goat milk and bring pets nourishing, delicious products that help them thrive and humans can trust. You can count on Tailspring to bring goat milk goodness to pets from birth through their golden years.